Our Story

The Story of King Southern Bank

The year was 1919

World War I had just ended. Prohibition rocked American culture. Paved roads were scarce, and many Kentuckians still travelled what few there were by horse and buggy. Electricity had just begun to hum through homes and offices.

And in the fertile grounds of the Bluegrass State, a new family-owned bank planted its roots and opened its doors, helping Kentuckians finance their farms and take their crops to market. Those doors haven’t closed since. Almost 100 years later, the financial institution is still family owned, and still serves its neighbors with a commitment to trust, relationships and tradition.

Now, with its headquarters in Louisville, King Southern Bank is able to share those commitments with the heroes of the modern American economy: the small business executive.

Local ownership. Local decisions.

We know about small businesses because we are one. Competitors are everywhere, many with resources hundreds of times, if not thousands, greater than yours and ours. Every new customer is a prize and the reward for hard work.

Staying in business and growing it can be challenging enough. Working with your banker should be a breeze.

King Southern Bank believes no one knows you like the folks down the block. Where you live and work and play matters, and bankers in New York City towers or high above the Chicago skyline rarely will take time to help build a gym for local cheerleaders, or support an electrical contractor as he buys more vans and hires more technicians.

They don’t know Kentucky, and it’s a pretty sure bet they don’t know you. Like how to work with you on credit not just for a day, but for a decade. How can they help plan your future when their own can be so uncertain? They are worried about their cash flow. We are interested in yours.

And when you need a decision, we make it, not a nameless face or a computer a thousand miles away.

And with ATMs and branches all across where our clients call home, we are always just minutes away.

Keeping it simple

You shouldn’t need a degree in finance to understand what your banker is telling you. King Southern Bank has a history of taking complex challenges and delivering effective solutions that make sense to you—and for you—whether you are a young couple planning a family, or an entrepreneur for a local tech start-up that needs go from 10 employees to 100.

It’s about service and giving back

King Southern Bank knows it owes it all to you. That’s why one of our core principles is to give back to the people who have given so much to us. Our people take pride in sponsoring the events that bring so much character to our community. We volunteer. We do our best to contribute leadership. We support our schools.

Just as you have supported us, we support you. And look forward to doing so for generations to come.