Business Services

Online Banking

Our online banking and bill payment services provide you with the convenience of managing your accounts, transferring funds, viewing customizable transaction history, and paying bills. In addition to these services, we are pleased to offer:

  • “Notify Me” alerts via text message or email.
  • External transfer to or from banks outside King Southern Bank (some restrictions apply, ask us for details).
  • Request a stop payment.
  • Customize transaction descriptions to better track spending.
  • Secure email within online banking.

For our Value Business Customers we are pleased to offer:

  • Seamless access to all your accounts and loans, even if the accounts are under multiple business names.
  • Check Reconciliation (a.k.a. Positive Pay).
  • ACH Origination Services (approval required, ask us for details).
  • Securely transmit tax returns and financials to King Southern Bank.
  • Create and manage sub-users to access and perform transactions only on accounts approved by your Business.

If you have any questions or issues, no matter how small, we are here to assist you. Please call us at 502-245-9600 or email us (please do not include any sensitive information when emailing us).

Remote Deposit

Remote Deposit Capture gives customers the ability to make non-cash deposits from the comfort of their own office.

With remote capture, customers log on to a secure website and create a deposit, entering the total amount and item count for the batch. They then use a scanner to upload checks into the system and balance their own transactions. User security settings can allow company employees to scan, audit, edit, delete and approve transactions. Remote Deposit Capture has the same 4:00 p.m. transaction cut-off as all of the branches. Contact us at 502-245-9600 for additional information or to schedule a demonstration.


ACH Origination gives businesses the ability to initiate Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions. By initiating ACH transactions, your business can pay employees or vendors via direct deposit, as well as receive payments directly from customers. To learn more, contact us at 502-245-9600.

Positive Pay

Businesses can use Positive Pay to compare issued check items with cleared items. This is a simple way to keep ledgers balanced and combat fraud at the same time. The business user will enter a list of issued check items, and the system will generate a daily report listing any discrepancies between the issued check items and the cleared items. To learn more, contact us at 502-245-9600.

Merchant Processing Services

King Southern Bank has partnered with Streamline® Payments, a Kentucky corporation with local representatives, to offer merchant and payment processing services to our valued business customers.  Since payment processing is their sole business, Streamline® Payments will keep your business informed on changes in the card payment industry associated with things like EMV chip card technology, online payment acceptance, integration products, and keeping your business on the leading edge of electronic payment solutions.
Please call your local King Southern Bank location or 502-515-2265 for additional information.

Real Time Online Banking

Access your account for up-to-the-minute balance and transaction information on all of your banking accounts. King Southern Bank allows you to see deposits, transfers, payments, electronic activity and debit card transactions immediately as they are presented.

Quickbooks™ Compatibility

King Southern Bank allows you to connect your QuickBooks™ accounting software to our online banking system, enabling you to:

  • Download and reconcile account activity automatically
  • Check account balances
  • Upload payroll files directly to King Southern Bank’s ACH processing services*

For additional assistance with QuickBooks™ software, please visit Intuit.

* Approval required. Contact us at 502-245-9600 for details.

Secure File Transfer

As an online banking customer, you will be able to attach and send files up to 5 MB in size to the bank using the online messaging system. Contact us for a special secure transfer of up to 20 MB.

Lock Boxes

  • Low cost
  • Protects important possessions

Note: Lock Boxes available at certain locations

Other Services

  • Wire transfer
  • Stop payment
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) translation
  • CD ROM Statements
  • Visa® debit card
  • Cashier’s checks
  • Direct deposit
  • Night deposit (select locations)
  • Notary service