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  • Our service separates us from
    the competition— the same can
    be said for King Southern Bank
    - Randy Stroup
    First Class Services
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  • King Southern Bank allows us
    to have flexibility so we can
    take on larger projects
    - Kevin Waldron
    Delta Services
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  • King Southern Bank taught me
    a lot about what we need to do
    as a business and how we can grow.
    - Misty Hodges
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Randy Stroup, First Class Services

When you name your company “First Class Services” you expect nothing less from your banking partner. Such was the case for Randy Stroup, president and CEO of First Class Services and a King Southern Bank client for over a decade.

A third-generation trucker, Stroup founded what has become one of the most highly regarded trucking companies in America. While its core business is liquid and dry bulk commodities, First Class Services specializes in customer service and attention to detail.

“The caliber of service we provide our customers absolutely separates us from our competition,” Stroup said. “The same can be said for King Southern Bank”.

For nearly 100 years, small and medium-sized businesses throughout Kentuckiana have looked to King Southern Bank as their trusted financial partner.

Together, First Class Services and King Southern Bank have worked to find ways to handle the company’s growth and create simple solutions to address the company’s complex financial needs.

“We like the way they do business in general. Taking our business to them is one of the better things we’ve done. We love their attention to detail. In other words, you don’t have to tell these guys five times. They get it,” Stroup said. “The second thing they do well is their response to our requirements and customer satisfaction. These guys don’t quit. Whatever it takes to make their customers happy is what they will do. Hands down.”

Based in Lewisport, Kentucky, First Class Services has a basic operating philosophy: hire the right people first and grow the company around them. Stroup saw the same principle in place at King Southern Bank and said it’s the relationships he’s developed that he values most.

“We’ve been doing business with King Southern Bank for over 10 years now. The great thing is that we’ve kind of grown together. I think that’s important,” he said. “With all the mergers and acquisitions in the banking industry, when you have a bank that’s been owned by the same company for as long as King Southern, it’s important.”

Local people making local decisions. King Southern Bank was established to help businesses exactly like First Class Services.

“You know how these deals go. Big banks make these regional acquisitions and you might be dealing with a local manager one day, and guess what, next month he’s gone,” said Stroup. “We didn’t want to work with some bank in another state that doesn’t even know who you are. That’s not the case here. At King Southern Bank, we deal with one or two particular people, and they know us inside and out.”


Kevin Waldron, Delta Services

Kevin Waldron and partners Jack Starck and Dan Ziegler have transformed Delta Services into one of the most trusted electrical contractors in the region. They provide not only electrical services, but communications systems, fire and security systems and safety services.

When it comes to banking, they place their trust in King Southern Bank.

“We’ve been with King Southern Bank since taking over the business in 2005,” Waldron said. “They’ve been willing to work with us in various areas to really help our business grow. We went from 35 employees in 2005 to over 140 employees today. King Southern Bank gave us the avenues and the financial backing to help that growth.”

Waldron said his company’s mission is to consistently exceed customer expectations and provide the highest quality service. He keeps his business at King Southern Bank because he sees they operate on the same principles.

“For us, it’s the personal relationships we’ve developed with Jim King,” Waldron said. “I can call to set up a meeting and talk to the president or vice president. I’m not dealing with second- or third-tier personnel who have to check with someone else about the future of my business. I get to speak to the decision-maker and get the answers I need right then.”


Misty Hodges, GymTyme

Misty Hodges knows all about the importance of flexibility.

As co-owner of GymTyme, one of the region’s largest cheerleading and gymnastics facilities, it’s an everyday concern. Flexibility is key to the perfect handsprings, tucks, stunts and jumps that help her teams win awards at competitions all across the country.

She also knows that flexibility is just as important when it comes to her financial needs.

GymTyme put down its first set of mats in 1992. When 2008 came, it was time for a new facility. And for a new bank. Misty, who had been a student there and began running the company after college, wanted to leave the national brand where GymTyme had been for years for one that was more local and more accessible. More, well, flexible.

“Our hours are not regular hours,” she said. “They change seasonally. And with banking, we have to have a lot of personalized services.”

She found those services at King Southern Bank.

An especially busy time is spring, when her 16 traveling competitive teams are on the road. Then, the necessary financial orchestration needs to be as well timed and orchestrated as the toughest balance-beam moves.

As a Saturday competition nears, Misty will need to pull money from accounts related to tuition, boosters and fund-raisers to make sure the entry fees—which can be as high as $50,000—can be paid in one lump sum. Otherwise, the teams are sent home without even stepping on the mat. With King Southern Bank, she can make it happen with a phone call, often just a day or two before the meet.

“In the beginning, I was a little bit skeptical about switching to a new bank,” she said. “But over the years, the relationship has definitely grown. They’ve taught me a lot about what we need to do as a business and how we can grow. I think they’ve kept us on track.”


Remote Deposit

Remote Deposit Capture gives customers the ability to make non-cash deposits from the comfort of their own office. With little more than a scanner and Internet connection, customers can log on to a secure website, create a deposit, upload checks and more. User security settings can be adjusted to accommodate multiple users.

Mobile Banking

Mobile banking allows you to access your online accounts from just about anywhere. All you need is a cell phone or other mobile device with a browser capable of viewing secure website. Once logged onto the secure website, you can view balances and transaction activity such as transfers, deposits and withdrawals. You can even make payments.

Real-Time Online Banking

Access your account for up-to-the-minute balance and transaction information on all of your banking accounts. King Southern Bank allows you to see deposits, transfers, payments, electronic activity and debit card transactions immediately as they are presented to the Bank.

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